Company Overview: Egelsbach Private Investigation Services

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Communication Plan Mission vision and objectives of Egelsbach Private Investigation Services The business is set up to provide security services and undertake investigation services to clients. The business targets to deliver value in the private investigation industry through service provision that exceed customer expectations upholding moral values of privacy and professionalism. In the delivery of service in the industry the business will endeavor to improve in service provisions through technological innovations, training to their personnel and integrating the community for value added services ADDIN EN.CITE Behn2003247(Behn, 2003)24724717Behn, D., R. 'Why Measure Performance? Different Purposes Require Different Measures', Public Administration Review, European Journal of MarketingEuropean Journal of Marketing586-60663 (5)52003( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Behn, 2003 #247" Behn, 2003). Goals The goals of the business are to become a leader in private investigations service industry providing a range of interrelated services that meet customer specific needs. The firm prospects that it can be able to leverage its profitability with low prices and a large clientele base with a wide range of services. The security and private investigations services business is susceptible to changes in the economic performance and disposable incomes of clients ADDIN EN.CITE Joseph R. D.2005279(Joseph R. D. & McCall J.J., 2005)2792796Joseph R. D.,McCall J.J.,Contemporary issues in

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