Company Overview: Flight Centre in Australia

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Analyse how the environment might influence the company's management style.
Flight Centre Limited engages in travel agency business activities. The organization focuses on the provision of complete travel service for leisure and business travellers in various countries across the globe. These nations include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. In the context of Australia, the organization is one of the largest airline agencies focusing on the provision of quality product and services at affordable rates. The main strategy of the organization is to super size its internal and international market share thus becoming a leader in relation to the corporate and retail travel market. This focuses on the achievement of quality global purchasing power thus facilitation of effective and efficient negotiations with the travel providers.
The organization notes the influence of the consumers in the achievement of its strategic goals and objectives. This results in tailoring of the operations towards addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers though quality products and services at affordable prices. The organization in Australia focuses on the integration of the online and offline…
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