Company Overview: I Power

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The I Power is a company that concentrates on providing Efficient Power Solution (EPS). It manufactures state of the art EPS that can cater for the needs of the domestic consumers as well as of companies and organizations (Economic Review, 2012). Strengths The ESPs from I Power are made from technology that is very environment friendly with the environment conservation spirit. Bearing that they are made through a green technology process, they are affordable and many organizations and individuals can easily afford them. The company also has tailor-made products which are available in a wide range to cater for the unique needs of the particular clients. The EPS are a cheaper alternative to the fossil fuels that are expensive and are getting depleted on a daily basis. The I Power source gives uninterrupted power source since there is a reservoir to help in times when there is no sun and recharge when the sun is up. Weaknesses The technology is confined by the weather since once the power reservoir is depleted, it can only be revived when the sun comes up. The initial cost of the products of I Power could sound expensive for some consumers since it is much as compared to the electricity or fossil fuels. Opportunities With the changing weather pattern that comes with the drying of dams, there is likelihood of people running to the EPS like the one provided by I Power. There are numerous organizations that are turning towards the environmental protection and
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