Company Overview Of Dell Computer Corporation

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Company Overview of Dell Computer Corporation Dell Computer Corporation has been an organized business structure since 1984. The company originated from the mind of Michael Dell who was a young entrepreneur eager to sell computers that were built to order. The following information is a Harvard business case study on Dells corporation. In this case study review I will report organizational and managerial concerns, support, as well as any disagreements I see as deemed necessary for the success of this business. First, I will provide an overview of the company from the last twenty years. Secondly, I will be addressing Dells working capital policy. Next, I will explain how Dell funded its major growth in the year 1996. Then, a brief overview will be explained, with a growth scenario for the year of 1997 and how this growth will effect the company. Finally, I will give my thoughts and ideas for Dells company and their future endeavors. With these efforts, I hope to show an organized way of reviewing methods from Dells corporation, as well as give insight to the company 's future and organizational structure financially. Company Overview In 1984 when Dell Computer Corporation was first founded, the company was in business to “design, manufacture, sell and service High performance personal computers compatible with industry standards”(Ruback, 2003, p. 1). At the beginning the company would take older computers from IBM and they would upgrade these computers

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