Company Overview Of Eaton Corporation

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Company Overview

Eaton Corporation is a large global company that supplies the market with a variety power solutions through their Electrical and Industrial sectors. The Electrical Sector includes the Transportation Division which specializes in power control, power management and power conversion products addressing electrical needs in heavy duty transportation applications. The market segments served by Eaton Transportation include construction and agriculture, over-the-road trucks and military, all of which offer unique market inputs that factor into business decisions and contribute to an operational structure designed to provide optimal output to meet market demand.

As the overall corporate structure of Eaton Corporation can be difficult to follow, to simplify the discussion Eaton’s Transportation Division will be referred to as “Eaton” for the remainder of this paper.

Application of Economic Concepts

Successfully operating a company requires an understanding of how that organization functions within and reacts to the marketplace. Evaluating competitive position, properly aligning supply to meet consumer demand, and strategies to increase profitability and grow the business all play into the success or failure of an organization. While there are a broad variety of economic concepts that play into these evaluations and decisions, this paper will focus on the following (X#) concepts and how they apply to Eaton and their business.

1. Market Structure

The market…
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