Company Overview Of The Coca Cola Company

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Company Overview
The Coca-Cola Corporation is a multinational company that specializes in production, retailing and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages. Coca-Cola is ranked number 1 as global provider of their non-alcoholic beverages. These beverages consists of, but are not limited too, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Simply orange, PowerAde, and Vitamin water. The Coca-Cola Company’s main competitors consist of PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Groupe Danone Water Division. The company’s main focus is soft drink industry, resulting in most of the company’s revenue.

PPE: To acquire the percentage of change between the years for Coca-Cola a horizontal analysis calculation of the balance sheet accounts must be completed. This consists of taking the most recent period amount and subtracting it by the previous years account balance this is then all divided by the pervious years amount. On Dec 31st, 2014 the balance for PPE was $14.6 Billion, in the recent year-end of Dec 31st, 2015 that number decreased by 14.09% to $12.5 Billion. In order to better judge the change in PPE, a vertical analysis needs to be calculated to help understand the drop in PPE. A vertical analysis is done by taking the company’s individual assets accounts and dividing them by the total asset balance. This allows for a representation of how vital the account is in the company’s overall operation. The Property, Plant and Equipment vertical analysis for the year of 2015 is
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