Company Overview: Red Envelope

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eCommerce company competitor: Red Envelope The company Red Envelope is an internet gift store that promises 'unique gifts for everyone' to its website visitors. Red Envelope specifically offers a wide range of products that people would be unlikely to buy for themselves but which are considered 'good' gifts. The likely target audience is of consumers who must buy gifts for people such as office associates and distant relatives, whom they do not know well. Some might politely call such gifts 'dust collectors' (Clarke 2006). Another subset of users might be men who have little idea as to what to give as a gift to a woman, and so they can easily select an attractive robe or set of bowls for the kitchen on Red Envelope. The model Red Envelope is a standard, wholly e-commerce based storefront website. It has no brick and mortar component (Laudon & Travers 2011). The consumer need that it fulfills is that of buying a necessary object when the giver has little time to research the perfect gift. "The company's two major strengths were its promise of next-day delivery on all items and its site layout, in which gift selections were organized by holiday rather than by product type. Thus, the harried shopper could simply click the Mother's Day gifts link and view a set of gift choices appropriate for that holiday that were ready for immediate delivery" (Schneider & Bruton 2003). The website is divided for the user's convenience according to gender and age. Divisions include
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