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Case assignment TaskRabbit formerly known as RunMyErrand is a venture that emerged from a Facebook session known as fbFund incubator program that was based in the Bay Area. Two investors Baseline ventures and Maples Investments put into the venture up to $ 1 million that saw its expansion. This is an online based clearinghouse where people who are busy can sought the assistance of temporary helpers in completing tasks around town that they are not in a pposition to do so. This venture is seen to be more than just running errands for people, but one that is out there to build a community that is made up of people who have the will of helping each other out. TaskRabbit is now expanding and is kicking off formally in San Francisco which is its new corporate home. With the expansion it means that people who are busy can just go online and get the service of the TaskRabbit workers. These include tasks like grocery shopping, picking dry cleaning, and walking the dog and so on. The idea behind this is service networking which means that there is use of social networking in the actual world (Roush, 2010). TaskRabbit investors have seen the need of expansion beyond Boston into suburbs of Boston which include North shore, South shore and the Metro West region. With the expansion however comes various an important legal issue as well as potential pitfalls that the venture is likely to face. These issues have a role to play when it comes to whether the venture will be successful or

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