Company Overview: Thai Airways International

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Thai is among the fastest-growing airlines throughout the Pacific Rim; the airline at the moment has a fleet of 80 aero planes and served 85 destinations in 45 different nations. Thai over the years has been able to fly to more countries in Asia than any other air company. Positive growth led to a want for even greater spreading out, and this was regularly done by means of joint marketing with other airline companies. Nevertheless, concern has been brought up regarding the risks of getting bigger way too quickly. In specific, speedy growth could be doing more harm than help to the airline company. Basically, it could lead to a loss of control and also to some important stock that they have accumulated. To even please Thailand's increasing Muslim minority, and foreign passengers who are following the Islamic faith, it was decided that all kinds of meats that are served on THAI would be Halal; however this was not essentially the case with
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