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ThoughtWorks Analysis Executive Summary Roy Singham founded ThoughtWorks, Inc in 1993, the focus of the company is building software applications. The main achievement was advance the technology by associating Agile techniques to the IT industry. ThoughtWorks' technical expertise expanded after Agile engineering method and the company kept on lunching new products and methods to the IT industry. Key IT player Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, joined the company in 2000. Seven years later, the company announced new CEO Trevor Mather as the new CEO. ThoughtWorks has positioned itself as a leader among its competitors in a specific niche market for technology savvy projects with mission critical delivery. The company has experienced a tremendous amount of success through the word of mouth marketing, its current relationship with IT industry analysts, and the growth of Agile Methods in the Global 1000 IT organizations. It has proven to be an innovative player with talent at all levels and a unique business model that be applied to a range of solution for corporate IT development solution. Despite its level of current success, the organization also finds itself at a crossroads point in its development. ThoughtWorks is a fraction of the size of larger competitors. For example, Accenture has over a hundred and seventy thousand consultants and IBM has over three hundred thousand. ThoughtWorks cannot compete with these competitors directly; or anywhere close for that matter. While

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