Company Overview: Verizon Communications

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Situation Analysis External Factor and Internal Factor Evaluations- Verizon Communications is an American broadband and telecommunications company. It began in 1983 as Bell Atlantic, then in 1997 merged with NYNEX, acquiring GTE in 2000 and continuing growth and market share, particularly in the cell phone industry. The company's 2011 revenues were almost $111 billion, with a net income of $2.4 billion. Version has about 188,000 employees (2011 Annual Report, 2012). Because of their longevity in the industry, as well as their proactive stance on numerous regulatory issues over the past decades, Verizon Communications is well-poised for 21st century needs. While their reputation is stunning, there are various micro and macro forces that shape their strategic planning process. However, Verizon spends between $15-20 million per annum on capital expenditures, necessary to maintain their competitive advantage. The must continue to invest in their network, infrastructure, improve 4G LTE and improve time to market on new technologies and devices (Frederick, et al., 2010).
Micro Factors
Macro Factors
Changes in psychographic needs of employees and clients.
Globalism and increased interdependence on foreign markets.
Aging baby boomers
Public perceptions of the industry and robust competition
Employee needs and desires change more personalized HR programs.
U.S. economic lull.
Individual economies of scale and competitive environment
Demographic changes and fluid evolution of

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