Company Overview : Wal Mart

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The need for transformation in any given organization arises when discontent is felt at the current procedures and strategies of the organization (Oden, 1999, p.20). The results gained from the procedures perfected over time by the organization, may become unprogressive and may actually make the owners of these companies question their own values before any outsider does. With so much competition in the ever-changing market, change and good change at that, becomes a necessity. This change should come following a strategy lest it be lost to the whims of employees. Company Overview The first Wal-Mart opened its gate to the public in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas (Minter & Reid, 2007). The philosophy behind opening this store was providing the general populace with great products at a reduced price and good customer service. The stores hit it off due to the great associations made with local suppliers by Wal-Mart to reduce the price. The control of the organization is currently 50% under the Walton family and the other half is shared by the public. Wal-Mart’s organizational system is a compact hierarchy. At present, about 11,500 retail centers present worldwide with about 2.1 million employees and about 3000 suppliers of a wide variety. Wal-Mart serves 250 million customers every year and right now has a net worth of about 230 billion dollars. Wal-Mart is opening up to possibilities of e-commerce at present, to further its reach into the population by providing more ease to the
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