Company Overview: Wegmans

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The company has around 80 stores in the region and it has 43,927 employees. It ranked #5 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

What They Do
Wegmans is exclusively a grocery retailer, so most of its employers are spread throughout its network of stores. According to the company's website, Wegmans has stores in six states. Over half of the stores are in New York state, many upstate. There are also stores in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts. The head office in Rochester, New York has the most employees of a single location, but by far the majority of employees at Wegmans work at the store level. The company is privately-held, so does not divulge specific details about how many employees work at headquarters or what the average employment level at a given store or warehouse might be.

Interesting HR Notes
The company is family-owned, and is known for its community spirit. Wegmans has policies that make it friendly for employees. The Fortune article cites a program that allows employees to reward each other with gift certificates. The company has low turnover and a high rate of employees who are related because many employees bring in family members to work for the company as well.

The company's business as a grocery retailer allows it to offer considerable scheduling flexibility for…
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