Company Overview of Best Buy

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Best Buy Company Overview Best Buy Co, Inc. is primarily a technology based retail store, basing sales on low prices and discounts. A National chain that reaches into Canada their focus on popular entertainment and new and ever innovative technology often leaves them on the forefront of many substantial offerings. Not strictly confined to technology Best Buy provides many office essentials from software for the home and business to any number of related services. A corporate family containing a large number of name brand stores, the Best Buy clan includes Future Shop, Geek Squad and Magnolia Audio and Video. Constantly striving to compete with the larger companies Best Buy has gained a foothold in the technology retail marketplace (Best Buy Group 5) Financial History from 2009, 2010 and 2011 Best Buy, like many other companies caught in the global downturn, has all the signs of a small slowdown in both Net Income and Earnings per Share. Although still slight, over the past three years coming down from a high of in 2010, the steady decline in income and the increasing rise of Operating Expenses denote an area that needs to be addressed. (Best Buy Financials) While overall revenue is steady and in fact is slightly higher, that is negated by the overall increase in cost. The ending Net Income over the past three years has been and remains in steady decline (Best Buy Financials). On a good note Best Buys overall working capital has risen and remains above the 2010
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