Company Overview of Rational AG

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Introduction Bavarian firm Rational AG manufactures and markets products that deliver thermal food preparation. The company's customers are primarily institutional or commercial, as its products are designed for large-scale food production. The company sees its market as the global food production business, with a total of 2.5 million professional kitchens. Of these, 30% use the same type of combi-steamer technology that Rational makes, while the rest use traditional cooking techniques. The company's description of its business is "we offer the greatest possible benefit to people preparing hot food in professional kitchens of the world." Rational's primary products are the SelfCookingCenter whiteefficiency and VarioCookingCenter Multificiency. These three products handle most of the major cooking processes. Rational markets its products globally. The home market of Germany accounts for 15% of total sales. The rest of Europe accounts for 51% of total sales. The Americas are worth 15% of the total business, Asia 13% and the rest of the world 6%. Of these, only Asia is growing in importance, and the distribution of its business has changed little in the past year. Rational is growing slowly, with 2011 being a record for sales ( 391.7 million) but 2010 saw the company record a higher EBIT. The company is positioned as a premium player in the industry, focused on product leadership and superior technology. The company seeks to charge premium prices for these products, and seeks
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