Company Policies And Procedures Of The Hotel Total Rewards

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2. COMPANY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES No one under 18 years of age is permitted to work on assignment as an internal or external worker. Your pay is an important part of the overall compensation package that this hotel offers you for the work you do and the contributions you make. To achieve our mission of making life better for people around the world, we need all our employees performing at their best. That 's why we use our compensation programs to reward and recognize your contributions and performance. Compensation is one element of the Hotel Total Rewards, which also includes benefits, learning and development opportunities, and other amenities such as cafeterias, well-being programs, and employee activities. In this section, you 'll…show more content…
o Concierge A hotel concierge recommends dining spots, book reservations, let customers know about discounts for attractions and more. o Event Planning Events like business meetings, banquets or family meetings. They meet with potential customers, quote prices, secure contracts and provide event coordination services. o Housekeeping Hotel housekeepers are responsible for cleaning guest rooms, preparing vacant rooms for new guests, and also keeping common areas of the hotel - such as lobbies, bathroom facilities and workout rooms - clean. o Maintenance Maintenance employees are responsible for the upkeep of hotel facilities and equipment. Duties may include repairing furniture, troubleshooting electronic equipment, grounds keeping and pool maintenance. o Food Service Hotels that have restaurant facilities hire cooks and wait staff to prepare and serve food and drinks. Positions may include opportunities for chefs, cooks, bus staff, servers, bartenders and more. This may include dining room meal, room service takeout and delivery and catering. Salary scales define the amount of base pay available for a job or group of jobs. The scales, or ranges, allow for jobs with similar scope or level of responsibility to reflect market differences as well as differences based on level of contribution, which helps drive our high-performance culture. Within every type of job we can find three
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