Company Profile, Environmental And Swot Analysis And Key Managerial Issues

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This study seeks to develop a five year human resource strategic plan for the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE). Specific objectives of the research were (a) to identify the current gaps in human resource management at NCCE; (b) to note the effect of the human resource gaps on organizational performance; (c) to ascertain what steps NCCE has put in place to address the human resource gaps; (d) to propose alternative solutions to help effectively address the gaps in human resource management at NCCE; and (e) to turn the alternative solutions into an action plan by way of a human resource strategic plan to be implemented by the management of
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To develop policies for the consideration of Government from time to time and organize programmes at the national, regional and district levels aimed at realizing the objectives of the Constitution;
4. To formulate, implement and oversee programmes intended to inculcate in the citizens of Ghana, the awareness of their civic responsibilities and an appreciation of their rights and obligations as free people;
5. To assess for the information of Government, the limitations to the achievement of true democracy arising from the existing inequalities between different strata of the population and make recommendations for re-dressing these inequalities.

Environment Analysis
To be able to effectively analyze and formulate effective policies as to the human resource of the NCCE, it is important to learn about the external factors that can affect the organization. Reasons for this include the fact that, formulated policies would only work if it takes into account external factors that affects an organization. These factors could either strengthen or weaken the established project or formulated policies. According to Zalengera et al. (2014), a macro environment analysis can be diagrammatically illustrated as below:
Macro Environment Analysis (PESTLE)
Political Factors: It refers to the stability of the political environment and the attitudes of political parties or movements. This may manifest in government influence on public sector organisational policies, or government
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