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Utiliscan is a smaller company with only 240 employees. In being a smaller company, you to not only recruit the best talent possible, but you have to also be very proactive in keeping employees happy and the turnover rate as low as possible. With small companies, there cannot be much turnover because it is costly, and it loads more work onto other employees when it is likely they do not have room to take on extra work. The majority of this responsibility falls onto human resources, which in this case is Paul. Paul is responsible for acknowledging the inefficiencies of the company, along with finding a solution to these issues. Paul is also responsible for growth opportunities for employees, benefit plans, and policies all while staying within a budget. Lastly, Paul is responsible for leading the company and the company’s leaders in ways to improve the attractiveness of the company to attract the best possible employees, and retain them long-term. An employee survey was conducted among all 240 employees. By looking at the survey, they can see several areas that need to be revised for improvement by management. Talented employees are difficult to not only attract, but also difficult to retain. According to the survey, Utiliscan was well behind the competition within their business. Utiliscan needs to emphasize the areas of strength where the company is doing well, which may show employees that leadership is recognizing the problem areas and working to improve
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