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The business I have chosen is one company that has been particularly successful in creating an overall company image in my option has been Starbucks. They have been able to maintain a dominant position in today’s market. Each morning most of our society needs a good cup of coffee in order to start their day Starbucks has marketed themselves to be steps away from your location. At one point, we looked at Starbucks as a high-end marketer. They have been able to uphold an image of an elite club in which we can become members. However, things managed to change in the recent years where a 4.00 cup of coffee was becoming a luxury item. Starbucks Corporation right now operates on a worldwide market for specialty of coffees. They are currently operating in a worldwide captaincy extent to Americas; Europe, Middle East, and Africa; China/Asia Pacific; and Channel Development. Starbucks currently offers their customers a variety of coffee, several verities of teas, packaged roasted whole bean or ground coffees, single serve products, and juices and bottled water. Each store provides a menu of fresh food, several ready-to-drink beverages; along with verities of food products.
The market structure and competitive environment of the industry in which they have chosen to do business falls into the category of retail coffee and snack industry. One article brings back the memory to think back when we would reach for a can of Folgers or Maxwell House and assume we were drinking the…

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