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Profile The Ocean Beach San Diego is located on the Southern California coast, which lies on the Pacific Ocean at the estuary of the San Diego River. It's distance from Downtown San Diego is approximated to be seven (7) miles. The community normally refers themselves as OBceans, which is pronounced as "oh-BEE-shun." It was named by developers Billy Carlson and Frank Higgins in 1887(Kblavatt, 1918). Its adjacent is situated Point Loma which is a home to a good number of populations of feral parrots and their offspring, normally known as .O.B. air force," because of its ideal climate. There are also numerous trees which can be roosted, plenty for intelligent and omnivorous birds to eat. These parrots are mostly Amazons which are actively vocal at sunrise and sunset. However, the main street of business of Ocean Beach San Diego is Newport Avenue. It has antique stores, restaurants, head shops, tattoo and piercing shops, coffee houses, bars, bike and surf shops and international youth hostels. There are a number of schools which are presence at Ocean Beach San Diego, such as Ocean Beach Elementary (K-4 public school), Secret Heart Academy (K-8 Catholic School) and Warmer Walker (A-K public School). There are also multiple churches, public library, U.S. post office, supermarkets and vegetable co-operations. It has also restaurants facilities including Ocean Beach Recreation Beach, Dusty Rhodes Park and Robb Field Athletic (Richard Dhu, 2012). The community is popular

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