Company Reorganization, Part 2: Evaluating the Current Environment

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Company Reorganization, Part 2: Evaluating the Current Environment
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October 22, 2012
Dr. Abel May

The Survey A survey is a method of gathering information from a number of individuals within an organization, to learn something about the larger population from which the data was collected. The information collected from surveys comes in many forms, and serve a variety of purposes. Some surveys focus on opinions and attitudes, whereas others are more concerned with the collection of factual information. However, many surveys do share certain characteristics; all are used to solicit employee feedback. There are seven common categories
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It is essential that all employees who receive the report respond to it, that way the organization will get accurate and reliable results. The target organization has approximately 130 employees, of which 30 are full time. It is essential that all non full time staff receive the survey as well.

How the survey will be administered Survey delivery and administration is important when creating a survey that measures job satisfaction because it is important to get honest and truthful responses. The job satisfaction survey that has been created will be administered by e-mailing a web link to the staff and comments will be entered anonymously into an electronic survey from a survey company such as Survey Monkey. An electronic survey such as this one will make the survey easy to fill out and also provide a way that the organization can leverage technology, making it easy to gather the results. Also by providing an electronic survey, employees can fill out the surveys at the privacy of their own desks. Filling out the surveys at their desk hopefully will make employees more comfortable. Data provided in these surveys will be completely anonymous to ensure that the staff is completely honest so issues can be addressed by management. Once the survey and web link are created through the survey company, emails with a web link will be sent out to the entire staff to fill out a

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