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Introduction The company Seamless Tubes R US has been in business for 50 years providing excellent service in the tube manufacturing industry. It has provided products for avionics, nuclear, sports and medicine. The company has had its trials and tribulations throughout its years of business. The company in its heydays employed over 300 people that included bargaining and white-collar personnel. The company is part of a global organization that has close to 50,000 employees worldwide. Tubes R US has an American corporate hub in New Jersey and the organizations parent company is located in Sanviken, Sweden. The company’s reputation for quality and voice of the customers has set the bar high. • 150 employees • Manufacturing • Seamless metallic tube • ISO 9001, Customer Audits, 100 % defect product checked . The Company Problems The Company has had an increase of re-work and wasted time and money in the last few years due poorly trained employees, aging work force and culture renovation. The company has not prepared for skilled employee selection to replace the retiring aging workforce, where stringent job screening for qualified and experienced personnel selection has not been implemented. The company does not require higher education for production management, which leads to poor decision-making during the hiring process of production personnel. The company is not consistent with holding management accountable and management holding employees accountable.

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