Company Structure And Leadership Team

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2.0) Company Description 2.1 Company Structure and Leadership Team • Devotion Music Group, is an independent record label and music group registered as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Minnesota. Owner: Omar Blanco-Valentin, 100% Company Ownership Mission Statement - Pledged to transform the music industry by remaining devoted to fostering talent together with achieving the ambition of revitalizing and restructuring a weakened industry. Business Philosophy – As a team, we progress with a strong tie with both our neighbor and ethics; we provide patrons with emotions, experiences, engagements and exclusiveness; and we develop, care and feed our artist’s fan base. Vision Statement – Become the team who changes the worldwide poor reputation of the entertainment industry. Business Model Devotion Music Group places less emphases on the short-term return of hit singles, and targets more energy in building careers that generate revenue over time. Recording artists are sought who process strong performance factors; along with unique musical characteristics that drives their vision. The label endorses an artist’s creativity and furnishes the support necessary to create nationwide headlines. Audiences are captured by creating recordings that grab attention. Compared to Major Labels, who target hits, Devotion supplies the atmosphere, coaching and funding; allowing artists to create great records and develop lifelong careers. Start-Up Summary Operations are
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