Company Timeline of Starbucks

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February 2008 1971 1982 Starbucks opens its first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Howard Schultz joins Starbucks as director of retail operations and marketing. Starbucks begins providing coffee to fine restaurants and espresso bars. Schultz travels to Italy, where he’s impressed with the popularity of espresso bars in Milan. He sees the potential to develop a similar coffeehouse culture in Seattle. Schultz convinces the founders of Starbucks to test the coffeehouse concept in downtown Seattle, where the first Starbucks® Caffè Latte is served. This successful experiment is the genesis for a company that Schultz founds in 1985. Starbucks introduces Starbucks®Christmas Blend. Schultz founds Il Giornale, offering brewed coffee and…show more content…
Starbucks store total at fiscal year end = 1,412 of premium coffee blends. Acquires Seattle Coffee Company in the U.K. with more than 60 stores. Forms Urban Coffee Opportunities LLC, a joint venture 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1996 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 Begins Barnes & Noble, Inc., relationship. Completes $80.5 million convertible debenture offering. Opens second roasting plant in Kent, Wash. Announces first 2-for-1 stock split effective September 29. Opens in Washington, D.C. Starbucks store total at fiscal year end = 272 1994 Awarded ITT/Sheraton (now Starwood Hotels) account. 1993 1998 Introduces Milder Dimensions, a lighter and milder tasting line with Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s Johnson Development Corp., to develop Starbucks stores in diverse, urban and suburban communities lacking major high-end brands. Signs a licensing agreement with Kraft Foods, Inc., to extend the Starbucks brand into grocery channels across the U.S. Launches Offers the Doonesbury@Starbucks line of products, with all net proceeds donated to local literacy organizations. Opens in New Orleans; St. Louis; Kansas City, Mo.; and Portland, Maine. Starbucks Coffee International opens in Taiwan; Thailand; New Zealand; and Malaysia. Starbucks store total at fiscal year end = 1,886 1999 Acquires Tazo LLC (Tazo), a tea company based in Portland, Ore. Partners with Conservation International to promote environmentally responsible methods of growing
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