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Company X Code of Ethics Purpose The Code of Ethics is to be used as a guide of the company values. This information will inform employees about the core values of Company X, along with an understanding of why having a commitment to the ethical conduct is a necessity. Standards and Procedures Standards of ethical behavior apply to every employee of Company X. This will guide Company Xs’ employees to make ethical decisions. 1. Follow HIPPA Privacy Rules HIPAA Privacy Rules are established standards that will protect individuals’ medical records along with other personal health information. The HIPPA Rules require appropriate safeguards that protect the privacy of personal health information by setting limits and conditions on the usage of patient information that may be used without patient authorization. 2. Respect for Others Employees of Company X will respect the differences in people at all times. Respect and treat people fairly, regardless of their gender, race ancestry, pregnancy, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, place of origin, medical condition, citizenship, age or disability. Company X does not tolerate harassment, and will provide equal opportunities for everyone that applies. 3. Conflicts of Interest or Commitment Employees’ of Company X are expected to have primary professional allegiance to the Company values. The purpose of this policy is defined as any situation or activity that may result in being a conflict with Company Xs’ policies or

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