Company 's Csr Efforts With Customer Base

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As mentioned throughout the previous sections, Target has a very inclusive CSR program that covers most areas under this field. Because of this, there is little for the company to do in terms of expanding into any brand-new components of CSR; therefore, it would be most beneficial to fine-tune some of its programs to align with the company’s customer base more closely. Moreover, some of Target’s current CSR efforts are rather broad and the company could benefit by really specializing within some of the areas and establishing more detailed goals. Although Target seems to emphasize its dedication to supporting the community and collaborating with other organizations, there seems to be a disconnect between this and some of the company’s decisions.
3.2 Aligning Company’s CSR Efforts with Customer Base Target recently released its third quarter financial statements for 2016, where the company recorded an 11% increase in EPS over last year. CEO Brian Cornell credited much of this growth to its strong back-to-school shopping sales. He went on to say that Target has invested much effort in differentiating themselves from other competitors like Walmart by offering a more family-focused selection, particularly with children’s apparel and educational toys. While it seems this strategy is currently paying off for Target, I believe Target could benefit even more by aligning its CSR efforts to connect with these shoppers. However, it seems that Target has other plans in mind, as the
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