Company 's External And Internal Environment Analysis

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Executive summary
The main purpose of this paper is through the company 's external and internal environment analysis to evaluate the company in the industry and future developments. Assess the external environment mainly through PESTLE Analysis and Porter 's 5 Forces. Strategic Recourses & Capability Analysis for internal environmental assessment is conducted. Finally, the company somehow SWOT analysis, concluded ••••
This article mainly refer to the company 's annual financial reports, industry reports and official website as references.

1. Introduction

Britvic plc is a UK soft drink company. As the UK 's largest soft drink manufacturers, Britvic not only cooperate with PepsiCo but also created its own brands such as Robinsons, Tango, J2O, drench, MiWadi, Ballygowan, Teisseire and Fruité. Britvic GB company is the second largest supplier of carbonated beverages providers, but also in Ireland and France, the industry leader. Britvic company has franchising, export and licensing, has expanded into the United States. (, 2015) BVIC is the code of Britvic in the London Stock Exchange. (, 2015)
This paper will presentation the Britvic plc strategy position by the analysis of external and internal environment. And give some advices.

2. Strategic Position Analysis
2.1 External Analysis
2.1.1 PESTLE Analysis

In recent years, obesity in Britain is increasing. The Government believes that reducing fast food and soft drink calories in the market,
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