Company 's Position And Ability Of Compete On Analytics Essay

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1. Describe your company 's position and ability to compete on analytics.
Currently, Vygon USA is not in a strong position to compete on analytics. Our ability to use data and information we have access to as a company is at the most basic level. We have our IT manager send out a monthly standard report he puts together including sales for that month, products sold, etc. It is broken down into buckets of information, that as a whole is good for an individual just wanting to know how much of each product we sold or what the sales per product group were for the month. As a competitive advantage the basic monthly report is not enough for me or anyone else to use for a strategic plan.
Another issue with Vygon USA’s current position and ability to compete on analytics is that there is not a universal standard system that links all internal and external business segments together. This causes much confusion, and many different ways for the data coming and going within the company to be interpreted. For example, once a quarter, sales and marketing managers meet to go over strategic plans as well as forecasting and past sales numbers. The numbers being showed by the sales team are always different than the numbers presented by the marketing team. This is because the way products are broken down in the monthly report. I manage our emergency and anesthesia products. These products all fall into what we call the CPAP bucket, which includes about 20 products in total. When analyzing
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