Company's Critical Needs For The Payroll System

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RFP lists the company’s critical needs for the payroll system (Kavanagh et al., 2012). This allows vendors to align their services with the organization’s needs. Gantt Chart An important aspect of planning projects is scheduling tasks and milestones. An easy way to create and communicate project schedules is by using a Gantt chart. A “Gantt chart is a graphic display of schedule related information” (Kloppenborg et al., 2012, p. 192). It is a bar chart, with each bar representing a task’s start and finish time (Kloppenborg et al., 2012). All successful projects must meet the constraints of time. A Gantt chart allows project teams to schedule milestones and avoid scope creep. There are several tasks that are needed to complete a Gantt chart for outsourcing the company’s payroll system. First, assuming that the project charter and cost-benefit analysis are complete, the project team will have to prepare a budget. Next, the team will need to compose a list of potential software vendors. Third, the project team should create a RFP that lists the critical needs of the payroll system and send it to prospective vendors. Fourth, a software vendor should be selected and the design of the software should begin. Fourth, training material and programs need to be created in order to educate instructors, managers, and employees. Fifth, each phase of the implementation process should be scheduled. Last, a closing and evaluation phase should be scheduled in the Gantt

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