Company's Csr Sustainability Program

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IV. Company’s CSR-Sustainability Program
A. History
The rising need for protection of intellectual property rights and improvement of public health lead the pharmaceutical industry to establish an agreement in 2001 with the World Trade Organization. In Sanofi’s earliest archived sustainability effort, Environmental Progress Report 2001, it states that Sanofi has taken initiatives to promote sustainable development as a reaction to the rise of wider and on going responsibilities. They have pursued these defensive efforts through promoting safety in the workplace, industrial hygiene, respecting the environment, training & investment, and many more. Sanofi is shelling out great investments for their sustainability programs. In 2001 alone, Sanofi allocated 11.2 Million Euros for a program to limit its operations’ impact on the environment. By 2008, Sanofi showed efforts of compliance with the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Blueprint for sustainability by establishing the four pillars (i.e. Patient, Ethics, Planet, and People) that serves as the foundation of their sustainability efforts . In the following year, Sanofi began its transformation to a diversified global health care company. With this, a Corporate Social Responsibility Direction was created which changed their sustainability report to an encompassing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. These efforts lead Sanofi to embed their ethical responsibilities and discretionary responsibilities into the company’s
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