Company's Strengths And Weaknesses Of Bristow Group Company

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Introduction Bristow Group is one of the leading companies in the provision of aviation services. The company offers search and rescue services, exceptional transportation, as well as aircraft support services. The company’s services also include helicopter training and maintenance services. It clients include civil organizations, individuals and governments from all over the world. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of Bristow Group Company using data from its annual report. From such analysis, the company’s strengths and weaknesses are also brought out. Bristow Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has its major operations in various parts of the world including Nigeria, the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the United States, and in major oil producing countries in the world including Brazil, Australia, Guyana, Canada, Norway, Trinidad, the UK and Russia. The company has organized its operations into four different regions in the world. The four regions include Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe Caspian. The key target by the company is mainly the increasing demand for aviation services that are relatively reliable and integrated. It has been doing this through the provision of fixed-wing with rotary wing flight connectivity within the UK, Brazil, Australia and Africa. As such, it provides point-to-point schedules as well as charter services conveniently to clients who wish to transfer their workers offshore. The company also aims at providing

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