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Communication Genre Comparative Analysis Paper

Pamela E. Mundhenk
Week 2 Assignment
COM/PA 530
Professor J. Sanfillippo
July 29, 2013

University of Phoenix
Communication Genre Comparative Analysis
Public administrators use many communication genres to reach their audiences. These genres range from business cards to governmental proposals. Each one has its own purpose. Each one has its own way of getting information to the audience quickly and efficiently. Each one has been affected by technology. Each has its own discourse conventions associated with it. And each has its own method of distribution—either external or internal. The purpose of this analysis is to compare
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It provides an explanation of previous events for the reader or investigative results, and stipulations for implementation of policies and enforcement of these policies. A policy handbook is a comprehensive guide for the expectations of employees. It provides a statement of core values and purpose, code of conduct, and guidance for internal action.
Reaching the Intended Audience
The business card and resume both provide substantial information to the reader. However, the genres are different. The business card provides the identity of the agency or organization, address, and phone number. On the other hand, the resume provides the reader with information regarding the candidate’s employment experience and skills. A policy memorandum genre is different in that it provides the reader with information regarding to whom the memorandum is addressed, who it is from, along with a subject to be discussed. Public policy reports genre differ as they are an ongoing process that serves as a means to an end of changes in policy behavior, unlike policy handbooks that provide detailed instructions on how to implement rules within an organization.
Technology has advanced the development of genres in various ways. As readers or viewers process documents and view websites, they learn to recognize an agency, a business, or an organization with the use of a business card. Likewise, advances in technology have changed the way employers
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