Comparative Analysis For The Nations Of Iran And Italy

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This research provides a descriptive comparative analysis for the nations of Iran and Italy. This research will provide demographics; define current legal traditions for Iran and Italy. Along with validate the significance of the rule of law as it pertains to human rights. Each country will be evaluated through statistical data to evaluate their compliance to the rule of law, this research will also establish whether or not there is a dichotomous relationship between legal traditions and the rule of law.
Keywords: Legal tradition, rule of law, human rights, Iran, Italy Legal Traditions and Rule of Law for the Nations of Italy and Iran A comparative interpretation was chosen for the counties of Iran and Italy due to the vast diversity with in the constructs to which these nations were founded upon. Each of the following categories will be examined to gain a better understanding of their legal traditions, demographics and adherence to the rule of law. Each country follows a different legal tradition; Iran is one of the few Middle Eastern countries that practice Islamic Law, while Italy practices Civil Law.
This research will examine similarities along with dissimilarities in regard to each nation. A working definition of the Rule of Law will be explained, along with each nations adherence to this rule and subsections, as well as an in-depth explanation of their current legal traditions. An overview of each nations current demographics will also be assessed,…
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