Comparative Analysis Of ' Bitch Planet ' And Barbie Doll '

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Comparative Analysis In both “Bitch Planet” and “Barbie Doll”, the authors aimed to exemplify the unrealistic body image that women are facing. “Bitch Planet” is about a futurist world where larger women are shamed for being larger rather than stick thin like the women in the advertisements and media. The writer uses a comic format and futuristic setting to display a setting that feels realistic. In “Barbie Doll” it talks about a girl who is made fun of for her small differences in physical appearance, even though she was perfectly healthy and normal. They each show how the body images set by men and other women effect how they feel about their own bodies. They each follow similar topics however; they have different techniques as well as time frames for conveying them. Both “Bitch Planet” and “Barbie Doll” focus on body shaming of women. “Bitch Planet” is set in a futuristic world there the women have fathers who control their life. The main character was overweight and was taken away from her mother so that she wouldn’t be influence which only heightened the rage. Similarly, “Barbie Doll” is based on a girl who does the normal girly things and is perfectly health but she is made fun of for having “a great big nose and fat legs” (Piercy 348). She goes through her whole life being critiqued on the smallest things that have nothing to do with the person she really is. They both focus on how women are shamed for their body by society and the people around them. For each they

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