Comparative Analysis Of Data Mining Tools

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Comparative Analysis of Data Mining Tools
Research Paper
Dr. Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson
1. Executive Summary

This research paper is about the Comparative analysis of three data mining software’s selected based on four important criteria Performance, Functionality, Usability and Ancillary Tasks support. “Data Mining is a field of study that is gaining importance and is used to explore data in search of patterns or relationships between variables and is applied to new data used for predictions”. (Statistics – Textbook. (n.d.). Retrieved November 17, 2015). Selection of the appropriate data mining tools is critical to any research or business and this could impact the business in terms of money, resources and time. Data experts should be consulted before selecting the tools for data mining. The results of data mining could be used to draw valid and useful results only if the right tools or software has been chosen.
Data mining helps in decision making for businesses and these decisions are based on the results of these data mining tools. Hence, the accuracy of the tools is very critical since it impacts the real world decisions. Therefore, entities such as stakeholders, partners, people and economy are affected by these decisions. Selection of the wrong tools could pose problems for businesses and enterprises. Hence, this research is important as selecting the best tools should be made aware of based on various conditions and criteria. Each tool is unique and may…
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