Comparative Analysis Of ' Monster Culture '

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Comparative Analysis of “Monster Culture” and “The Thematic Paradigm” Societal values have always been a source of conflict because the views or opinions of one society or culture often contradict the views of another. The proposal of societal change often brings tension between those that oppose the transformation and those that approve of it. Individualism and uniformity are two forces that are constantly dueling for dominance across the globe, and the severity of this competition differs depending on the variation of the melting pot of cultures within a society. Robert B. Ray and Jeffery Cohen, experts on societal values, both inquire and delve within typical aspects and traits of habit that surround western culture regarding these…show more content…
The heroic role in America is an indirect, and often unrealized representation of the history of the nation’s formation from abrupt changes and unlikely heroes. Current day society reflects that inconsistency within the cinematic experience, making the choice between a set of character traits unnecessary. The parallelism between the movie industry and the habits of society identifies the characteristics of the American dream; a dedication, but also a discouragement of commitment to community, seeking individualism while also maintaining loyalty to one’s people. Jeffery Cohen’s “Monster Culture” embodies the ideology of the world’s desire to rid it of all outsiders that do not fit within the identity of a western culture, but instead stand out because of their difference. The essay focuses on the contrasts between individual identity and differences that arise from it, along with his seven theses locating and analyzing the variety of monsters that have been in the past, the present, and will continue on to the future. The social tensions that arise lead to the different individuals being persecuted because “the monster exists at the gate of difference” (Cohen 7). The monsters are created as a source of justification for a culture or an action that is carried out. Specifically, Cohen alleges the case of women and those of non-white background being dehumanized as a form of
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