Comparative Analysis Of Montclair State University

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Overview In the past couple of years, media has had a spike in interest when it comes to Deaf people and their interpreters. From Saturday Night Live, to Dancing with the Stars, the mainstream is becoming more aware of the work of interpreters. Sign language interpreting, is a developing field still professionally in its adolescents. Only as recently as 2012 have the requirements to work in the field and qualify for national certification increased to a bachelor degree (National Interpreter Certification (NIC) | Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, 2017). Slowly since, universities are creating new degree pathways to suit this evaluation of the professional standards, and growth in popularity. Montclair State University, located in…show more content…
Gallaudet University Gallaudet University was originally known as the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind and awarded their first degrees in 1869 (History of Gallaudet – Gallaudet University, 2017). The school had already been around for a decade by that point, educating the countries Deaf, Dumb (mute) and blind. In 1954, the college was renamed to Gallaudet University as a token of respect to Thomas Gallaudet (History of Gallaudet – Gallaudet University, 2017). After traveling to France and learning sign language, Thomas Gallaudet created the first school for the Deaf in Connecticut, the school opened in 1915. His son, continued the mission and become the first president of the Gallaudet University in 1869 (History of Gallaudet – Gallaudet University, 2017). Gallaudet became an official university in 1986, commencing its long history as a symbol of equality, pride and high education to all. Founded by a one man’s commitment to educate the few today, Gallaudet is a top ranking institution committed to the enrichment and empowerment of all (History of Gallaudet – Gallaudet University, 2017). Comparison/Contrast These two universities could not be more different, the obvious similarities between both Montclair State University and Gallaudet University is that they are non-religious institutions, located in large cities, that offer

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