Comparative Analysis Of Strategies And Views Of Katha Pollitt And Aaron Devor

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In this paper, comparative analysis of strategies and views of Katha Pollitt and Aaron Devor, about the determinants which define roles of genders in a society will be discussed. The central idea of the paper is that gender has specific roles which are defined through their innate characteristics and social constructs. Since the start of feminist movements, a debate has arised on the behaviors and roles of genders. Feminist movements were purposed to achieve, the rights of women based on their roles equal to men in the society. Which led to debate over differences between abilities and preferences of gender that are the basis of different and unequal roles of males and females.
Girls and boys have different preferences and divergent
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In addition to that people around that child will justify these sterotype behaviors by defining them as natural roles which result from differences in hormones and genes. As she says, “we are told that the source of these robust preferences must lie outside society -- in prenatal hormonal influences, brain chemistry, genes -- and that feminism has reached its natural limits.”(Pollitt,1).
According to Devor, all female were biologically destined to have role of maternity and household. There is a reason behind certain differences between biological structures and cognitive behaviors of males and females. Hence, females were predisposed to have role of maternity and children care while males do not have this role. He believes in hierarchical appraisals of natural roles of males and females. If an individual performs duties which are naturally attributed to opposite gender, that individual will not receive encouraging response from society (Devor,674). Girls and boys are born different because of biological evolutions and gene differences, thus different gender attributes start before birth. There are several biological differences in physical structure as well as cognitive processes and intellectual traits of males and females. These cognitive differences exist due to presence of some particular hormones in gender. If these particular hormones are removed from an individual, he will no longer display characteristics
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