Comparative Analysis

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ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF VARUIOUS YEARS WITH RESPECT TO SBI CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. OBJECTIVE 3. SOURCES OF INFORMATION a) Primary Data b) Secondary Data 4. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM 5. SCOPE OF STUDY 6. LIMITATION OBJECTIVE : Based on the information furnished by the institution regarding their financial statements , the objectives of this study can clearly determined , the main objective of comparative analysis are as follows : * To determine the financial conditions and financial performance of the institution during the assessment year and relevant previous years . * To analyze the institutions strength s and weaknesses * To determine the institutions efficiency…show more content…
* The institution to understand its own position over time. * The managers to understand the performance of the institution. * To knowledge the institution of the potential and present investors. LIMITATIONS: Although I have put my best effort to ensure that the project covers every aspect which is related to the subject and research study, but the study may be confined to limitations, few of them are as follows: * Inaccuracy of data due to non-availability of few data which maybe termed as confidential by the institution. * Factors such as time and money might be constant. * Selected study will be insufficient. * Only the monetary values will be analyzed and inferred upon ,non-monetary aspects will be ignored. * The information acquired from the bank is only the part of financial reports which are required by the customers and investors . INTRODUCTION Financial analysis statement is the financial statements of the institution throughout the financial years. The research study is intended to study the various lending’s and borrowing’s the institution has done throughout the financial period, assets acquired during the period, growth in investor ratio etc. Comparative analysis is the comparison of various financial year statements and analyzing the changes the institution has gone through this period
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