Comparative Analysis of Woodrow Wilson vs. Ronald Reagan

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Comparative Analysis of Woodrow Wilson vs. Ronald Reagan Two American Presidents, both very influential in their time and both having had a great impact on history are Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson. Both Presidents were advocates of peace even though they would not have hesitated to enter into a war if war was needed to insure the safety of the United States and Democracy as a whole. By use of small wars and political pressures both Reagan and Wilson, with the exception of Wilsons entering into WW-I, used diplomacy and these small conflicts to do what they thought was best and righteous to defend freedom and Democracy. But were they truly righteous individuals or did they just have their own ideas and agendas of what was best?…show more content…
Many people don’t look at it like this as Communism was not considered a large threat by many at the time. Wilson However seemed to be a stark opponent of Communism but was definitely an advocate for democracy. There are few Americans who were living at the time that realize or remember that we had a silent war with Russia. This I must admit I only discovered myself in doing some research online and will keep this short as it is not part of the sources. In the summer of 1918 Wilson implemented a Naval Blockade of the Soviet Union and sent forces into Russia to help anti communist forces during the Russian Revolution. Though our support for the Czech and White Russian forces failed, it does show an indication of Wilson’s belief in Democracy as well as an anti-communist agenda which further indicates his defense of democracy and belief that there should be freedom of such for all nations. Ronald Reagan “We Will Be a City upon a Hill” is a speech in which he gives an uplifting as well as an upbeat opinion about the United States. Anyone that was born before about 1983 will remember Ronald Reagan as the President that brought about an end to major communistic rule in Europe as well as being credited with bringing down the Berlin Wall. Reagan was about as “American” a President as we have ever had. He had a great love and pride for the United States as well as democracy and the freedoms that we have in this nation. Reagan was a very influential
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