Comparative And Contrast On The Death And Burial Of Jesus Christ

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Kevin D Brown 5/8/2015
Comparative and Contrast on the Death and Burial of Jesus Christ.

In the Name of the Most High Lord. In the Comparative and Contrast on Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I will take about how Islam, and Judaism, Christianity view the man Christ Jesus death, burial and resurrection. How Abraham play a major role in the religions. According to the Bible Abraham is the father of Faith (Gen 15:6). The one nation with Hagar and Abraham started the birth of Ishmael meaning because the Lord has heard your affliction (Gen16:11). According to the Bible Ishmael will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man hand against him and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren (Gen
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Consequently The Jews view as a prophet according to Dr E. Two nation would be birth out of his loins. From beginning to end, Jewish question for meaning was rooted in their understand of the Supreme Being. The second nation with Sarah and Abraham birth Isaac. Hagar is the step mother to Isaac. According to Houston Smith Jewish hope that Messianic idea came to have two sides a politico –national side which foresaw the triumph of Jews over their enemies and their elevation to a position of importance in world affairs and a spiritual – universal side in which their political triumph would be attended by a moral advance of universal proportion. The second difference concerned the way the Messianic age would arrive. Some expected an actual Messiah, while others foresaw God dispensing with a human agent and intervening directly to institute an age of universal harmony. Houston Smith said tension reflected restorative and utopian impulses in Judaism. Restorative Messianic looked for a King recreation of past conditions typically the Davidic Monarchy as idealized Judaism forward looking impulse by envisioning the Messianic Age as a state of things never before existed. This was very reason they crucified Christ because they simply did not believe who he was. According to the Bible Christian centers in the life of Jesus of Nazareth .He was born in Palestine, probably around 4 B.C. and grew up in Nazareth. In the Sea of Galilee he
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