Comparative Commentary Essay

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The first extract is from a novel called “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris which was published in 1999, whereas the second extract is from a website of the “From Bean to Bar” chocolate company which was published in 2006. Both extracts concern themselves with chocolate and the way it is manufactured, although they both have different intentions. The first extract is from a novel and describes the delightful pleasure of creating chocolate, whereas the second extract is used to promote and advertise the chocolate and make it more appealing to the reader, and also focuses on the importing and the cocoa plant itself.

The first extract is from a novel, which can be seen by a variety of techniques which are common for novels. The text is written
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Therefore, the text shows a thematic development, which are split up into the different paragraphs. On the other hand, the second extract uses a larger variety of structures throughout the text. In the first paragraph the company is introduced and the beliefs which the company has (“We believe that every step from ban to bar is equally important”). Further, under a heading “with care” the history of the chocolate beans and how they reach the factory is described and then bullet points are used to describe how chocolate is created from the beans. Therefore, this text also has a thematic development, but in this text it is supposed to familiarize the reader with product and the process to allow the reader to trust the brand, due to the “traditional” way of producing chocolate.
The register of the first extract is rather informal, since it explains the story of the narrator and her/his passion creating a very personal relationship between the narrator and the reader. A very important part of the extract is to show the fascination and the passion about chocolate, therefore, the diction is customized to transfer these emotions. Diction such as “raw dullish blocks” and “powerfully suggestive” shows that chocolate is connected to emotions due to the descriptive adjectives used to describe the chocolate, its history and its process. This informal register allows the reader to be captured by the
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