Comparative Commentary on Global Warming

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“Taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” (“Text A”), an international newspaper advertisement from Exxon Mobil and “An Agenda for Climate Action” (Text B”), a speech by Eileen Claussen, the President of Pew Center on Global Climate Change were both written in 2006 with the focus on global warming. The author in both commentaries strives to bring out the message that as human beings, we must take action to stop the worsening of climate change. Text A is a published article by a company that emphasizes that everyone in the world should be able to take part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and that illustrates the range of actions, in particular technological advances the company has taken to address the problem. As for Text B, …show more content…
It is presented like how close the audience and Eileen Clausen are, this is so that the audience would be more interested and take account of the global issues more.

The data of the two texts are not the same. Text A talks about solutions to reduce green house gas emissions, “Working with vehicle manufacturers and engine makers on programmers that could improve fuel economy by as much as 30% while significantly reducing emissions” and “improving energy efficiency at our facilities Steps taken since 1999 resulted in CO2 emissions saving of 11 million tones in 2005...” In Text B”, it talks about the risks that human activities have brought upon climate change. For instance,” what they showed is that the second largest land-based ice sheet in the world is losing ice twice as fast” and “we know that hurricanes are becoming more intense, not just in the Atlantic which gave us Katrina and Rita…”The information used in each of the texts to convey its message is different.

Since Text A is an advertisement for its own company, it would be very uncommon for it not to pressure its audience into buying its products. Exxon Mobile does this by firing all the actions it has taken to tackle the problem of climatic change, creating the impression that using or buying their products is one of the ways to save the planet. However, since Text B is only a speech with no special interest, it only needs to address the seriousness of the situation without

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