Comparative Corrections Systems

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Unit 5 Assignment Sumitra Kendall CJ522: Comparative Correctional Systems Dr. Lowery April 21, 2015 When you are imprisoned in an Africa prison the sectors can be over-crowded and dirty. The budget in this country is pretty non-existing resulting inadequate food for everyone, personal hygiene for example, little or no clothing. These prisons did not have access to soap, shampoo or any comforts they were used to prior to going to school. Throughout the continent you will find it’s not consistent, there are different opinions people may have when it comes to bringing up the subject of “Human Rights”. Critics from the country believe “they did the crime so they must do the time” why should we care about the treatment in the…show more content…
With help of other countries and organizations they want to help improve Africa inmates by informing them they have rights. The only issues Africa may have is convincing some institutions to corporate and believe these prisoners have a right to be treated like a human behind bars. Getting the government involved is important to have if any changes can proceed. Given the fact Africa’s population could be considered overcrowded it is only natural this would be same problem in prisons. The buildings are old, poorly ventilated, with inadequate sewage systems. These conditions can only result in the transmission of communicable diseases. Prisoners often lack space to sleep or sit, among such deterioration and deprivation, overburdened prison staff has found it difficult to supervise or provide higher standards of sanitation and nutrition. Most staff feels they shouldn’t be working in these situations so it is easier for them not to care or want to change the environment to better everyday life for everyone. While African prisons may not house as many prisoners as their counterparts in other parts of the world, the shortage of police and judges has been recognized with the increased prison population. This shortage of staff led to overcrowding because it was easier to send them to prison no matter if the prison has met their capacity. When you have issues such as overcrowding
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