Essay on Comparative Criminal Justice

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Comparative Criminal Justice System Criminal Law has and will continue to be a fluid and ever-changing aspect of humanity, and yet the distinctive base of religious belief is still a foundation for a variety of laws today. While the separation of church and state is in effect, history states a wide range of laws have been established based on religious beliefs and ideals, the Bible for one, and currently the Qur’an, which is the basis for Islamic Law. It is the only true form of law in the present time that is not backed by a Government because it is a form of law based completely on religion. The two primary sources of the Islamic Law stem from the Shari’s and the Sunnah, the Shari is the law defined by God, or Allah, and told directly…show more content…
Pakistan also wanted to end Indian influence in Afghanistan because India had used its Afghan allies for stirring troubles in the Pakistani provinces of Northeast Frontier and Balichustan. The tribes living in these two regions have ethnic affinities with the Afghan tribes, and India and its Afghan allies were supporting secessionist movement in these two provinces. What followed was a ten year long guerilla war. The United States gave billions of dollars, through a secret CIA operation, to revolutionary militia forces called the mujahideen (soldiers of God). Thousands of people including more than 50,000 Russians were killed. With U.S. weapons and Pakistan's support, the Afghan mujahideen forced the Soviet Union to leave Afghanistan in 1989. Unfortunately, when the Soviet Union pulled out, different factions of the mujahideen entered into a civil war. In present day throughout the country some countries still practices Islamic laws and hold their citizens accountable not only for the religion but also for the law. Some countries such as Egypt and Pakistan use Islamic law to certain extent. One country who uses Islamic Law is Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban, while other countries use a little bit more discretion with their laws against women. Islamic law in Afghanistan a man’s beard must
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