Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

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As a preface to this assignment I would like to say that it is virtually impossible to inset all the solutions to a nations criminal justice problems in a one page (per county) summary. With the diverse nature of all 4 countries, to be able to “fly” into a foreign land at the request of the leader, and be given “Carte Blanc” to handle their criminal justice problem is about as impossible as implementing all that is needed to fix their criminal justice system issues within the perimeters of this paper. I would actually like to be alive in 2025 and to see this happen (other countries allowing us to handle their criminal justice systems) it might be akin to the forefathers of this country (Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton etc)
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Mexico was a new business idea it would be laughed right out of the bank and never would have been allowed to start. But since Mexico is going anywhere in the near future and so many of our now citizens (legal and illegal) are from there and many an American spends time there we have it in our best interests to find a solution to the “mucho problemos” that are crippling Mexico.

I will start this segment out on not the solution for the department (I will get to this) but to the overall problem that spawns the issues facing Mexico, its criminal justice system and is people, and that is MONEY! The problem is that there is none, well none for the government to seize and use to implement into the economy and for society in general. Money is the cure for all that ails you but it sure is a nice pain killer for that awful headache. So if you have no money what do you do? This might be the easies solution to of them all, OIL! Mexico is the 6th leading nation in the production of oil only behind Saudi Arabia, U.S., Iran, China, Canada and the last time I checked all 5 countries ahead of Mexico (although with some issues) were performing at a high level when it comes to infrastructure and development as a nation. So why is Mexico failing so miserably? Answer- It is because the production of the oil is run solely by the government and thus the cycle permeates itself. How to develop the oil reserves, you need
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