Comparative Essay Between Hamlet and Brave New World

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Brave New World and Hamlet Comparative Essay
In the texts Brave New World and Hamlet, there are two entirely diverse stories that share similar protagonists. Despite being from completely different worlds, Hamlet and John share a lot of things in common. They both face severe alienation from their mothers and from people that attempt to use them. Coincidentally they also both use their friends as a relief to cope with their experiences. With the assistance of Horatio and Helmholtz the protagonists gain the courage to stand up to any adversity that comes at them. One of the most prominent similarities between the two is the alienation they felt from their mothers. Despite the love they
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Once (when he was bigger) he tried to kill poor Waihusiwa [or Popé]… just because [Linda] used to have them sometimes” (Huxley 105). Despite John’s aggression towards the men, he was truly enraged by his mother for being so unchaste. John demonstrates this near the end of the novel when he discovers his mother in is the hospital. In her dying unconscious moments Linda comes to for a moment, but to John’s disappointment she says, “Popé! … Oh, I do so like it, I do…” (Huxley 179). In a desperate attempt to regain her attention John screams “But, Linda! Don’t you know me? ... Don’t you know me Linda?” (Huxley 179-180). To which she replied, “Popé!” (Huxley 180). John was infuriated that his mother, in her dying moments, saw Popé as her comforter—not her son. This reveals that John truly is alien among both of the societies. His mother has more compassion for another man, leaving John to feel alone. In addition to the pain Hamlet and John had endured because of their mothers, they both had to overcome the people who intended to use them. For Hamlet this meant suppressing information from the bothersome Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Upon the king’s request these two friends of Hamlet are sent off in an attempt to relieve Hamlet’s sorrow. However Hamlet soon discovers that they have alternative motives. They are strictly set out to discover the cause for Hamlet’s depression and madness, and don’t even attempt to enlighten his spirits.

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