Comparative Essay : Comparative Ethics Of Patriotism

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Comparative Ethics of Patriotism
I. Introduction What is the moral worth of patriotism? Is there a substantive difference between the patriotism of totalitarian and liberal countries? Do the soldiers in those countries experience patriotism differently? In this paper, I will attempt to affirm the moral worth of patriotism, find the exact differences between totalitarian and liberal patriotism, and determine how this difference might manifest itself within the citizens of either country. Our paper structure will begin with using a common definition of patriotism, and will make an initial attempt to argue for a difference between liberal and totalitarian instances of patriotism. When this attempt fails, we will more clearly and carefully define patriotism, and explore the challenges in assessing its moral worth. Then, after a re-conception of patriotism, we will return to the question of patriotic differences between totalitarian and liberal governments. As a final note to the reader, no specific moral theory will be employed. Instead, the priority in this analysis will be focused more closely on uncovering relations between citizen and state that have implications in any moral system – not just noting instances where patriotism seems to violate the specific rules of one moral system.

II. An Initial Definition of Patriotism It helps, when discussing definitions, to pull from a trusted source; in this case, it will be the Sanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and more…

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