Comparative Essay Compare And Contrast

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Overview This paper will define compare and contrast the distinct differences between the Universities of Michigan, which is a large, public university of higher education located in Ann Arbor,
Michigan and Howard University a private (Historically Black College/University) conveniently nestled in Washington, DC. The two universities will be carefully examined and evaluated on their procedural techniques and data collection in reference to their overall effectiveness, pre- emptive planning processes that inherently provides “professional skill development”
“outstanding academic offering and resources”.

Characteristics University of Michigan
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( While the drawback of attending an HBCU is do so with minimal exposure to diversity.

Comparative Factors: The University of Michigan purpose and mission is to allow “its students to tailor their academic experiences to their career and life goals. As one of the largest public research institutions in the country, Michigan has thousands of exciting projects underway that encourage strong partnerships between students and faculty”. (
While, Howard’s University mission and purpose lends emphasis on “providing educational opportunities for African-American men and women and for other historically disenfranchised groups. Howard University is also dedicated to attracting, sustaining, and developing a cadre of faculty who, through their teaching and research, are committed to producing distinguished and compassionate graduates who seek solutions to human and social problems in the United States and throughout the world”.
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