Comparative Essay Comparing Ovid And Hesiod

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In the works of Greek and Roman literature many aspects of their writings are similar. For example, in both Greek and Roman literature universality is stressed which means that we are only moved by the fall of the heroes in their plays because we can relate to their situations and project ourselves into similar circumstances. I believe that is completely true, only through the fall of our heroes we see ourselves in the characters. Before their downfalls, we don’t see us in them because they seem basically perfect. Since none of us are perfect it is only when they make mistakes leading to their downfall we see that the heroes are like us. Not only are Greek and Roman literature alike in the way that their stories end but also by the way that…show more content…
Although they are different and have unique components that make them unique in their own way, they do share many similarities. Hesiod came before Ovid which means, it would be accurate to say that Ovid may have been inspired by some of Hesiod’s work. In both creation myths, we can see Jupiter/Zeus punishing man for various acts. In the stories of Ovid and Hesiod they act spiteful towards mankind showing how he may have taken some ideas from Hesiod’s previously written stories. There are many aspects of Greek and Roman literature that are similar, but there are also lots of ways that show that their literature differs. For example, there are very different takes on their mythologies like in Greek mythology the afterlife is not stressed as important while in Roman mythology the afterlife is very important. Another example that shows how Greek and Roman literature are different is how they have different is how they have different named Gods and Goddesses of the same domain. Such as the God of Love in Greek literature is Eros while the God of love in Roman literature is

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